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These awards are all about honoring an outstanding group of leaders in the fight for economic equity and social justice. Each year we celebrate social justice heroes – both sung and unsung – who have dedicated their work and, in some cases, their lifetimes to change the lives of low-income people and people of color across the country.

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The Community Change Champion Awards is a time for activists, allies, organizations and community leaders to recognize the leadership of the honorees and celebrate the work of the Center for Community Change. Join the growing list of supporters for this event by sponsoring today. Questions? Please contact Andi Ryder at aryder@communitychange.org or (202) 339-9369.

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Spirit of the Awards

We celebrate the work that often goes unheralded, and the people and organizations that keep our vision for a just world alive. Too frequently, we focus only on the final outcome of a campaign instead of taking a moment to honor the often-unsung heroes behind the scenes. The Community Change Champion Awards were created to do just that: to recognize the people and organizations whose work is making progress toward social justice a reality. We honor work that reshapes the political landscape and challenges us to press forward toward a better world:

These people and organizations nourish the social justice movement every day, in every community, in myriad ways. You’re invited to join us for our 9th annual Community Change Champion Awards to help us honor these heroes!

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